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If the idea of the Albury BookShelf appeals, but you already have a website, or you'd like to build one of your own, then we can integrate all the technology behind the BookShelf into your site, leaving you with all the benefits, but all your own branding.

Many of our customers are previously published authors who have taken control of their titles by selling directly through Albury Books. The flexibility we provide allows our customers to decide whether we run the day-to-day management of their titles from one of our own BookShelves, or they can branch out and start independently managed BookShelves.

Maybe you are a small publisher who simply no longer wants to worry about stock sitting unsold in a warehouse, or maybe you want to keep a backlist alive and available?

And of course, there is nothing to stop you teaming up with other like minded publishers or authors, and building a common platform for you all, enabling you to cross market your books and benefit from shared social media resources.

To enquire about the publication options we can offer you, contact us.

Albury Customers

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Award winning writer and illustrator

Nick Ward

One of Italy's greatest Children's writers and illustrators

Eva Montanari

Brilliant new Young Adult fiction writer

Lesley Cheetham

Author of All Year Plants in Flower

Vincent Gradwell