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About Us

Albury Books is different. Home of the unique Albury BookShelf, we’re not just a publishing platform. We’re also an international award-winning publishing house, with over three decades of experience helping authors, illustrators, companies and creatives from all around the world accomplish their goal of publication.

Unlike traditional book publishers, we don’t think that only we know best. Nor will we make you promises we can’t keep. What we will do is provide you with access to all the publishing tools and platforms that you need, such as our Albury BookShelf. And, if you want, we’ll also give you expert advice and direction, which we’ve gathered from our decades of book publishing experience.

We take a unique, collaborative approach to publishing – this means that we work with our customers to create books that appeal perfectly to their target audience, moulding each book expertly around every customer’s unique specifications.

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